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Ebina Models Review

Reviewed: 2012-12-21
Quick site rank and complete review of Ebina Models | Categories: Babes, European, Megasites, Softcore

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gold rank
Our Rating: 91/100

Quality of Content: 22/25

Purchase Value: 20/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 10/10

Content Variety: 6/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 5/5

Originality: 8/10

Navigation: 5/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: no

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

User Rating For EbinaModels

User Rating: 56/100 - based on 246 votes.

Price & Payment Options



Standard price: $9.95 (3 days, recurring at $34.95 / 30days)

30 Days


Standard price: $29.95 (30 days, recurring at $29.95 / 30 days)

90 Days


Standard price: $69.95 (90 days, recurring at $29.95 / 30days)

180 Days


Standard price: $99.95 (180 days, recurring at $29.95 / 30days)

Tour Promises

This should be one of the most awesome, exciting and highly selective model sites, featuring hot babes from all around the world. Big part of the content should be exclusive to this site.

My Opinion About EbinaModels

First thing you'll notice when entering EbinaModels.Com is the magazine-style layout that looks very clean, presenting some of their best models in all their glory. Navigating around the free section a bit, you immediately get the impression of a quality site, that is full of top notch models that are not afraid to show their goodies in front of the camera. Many of hot babes are presented on the tour, trying to seduce us and lure the poor horny souls into their members area, and I have to admit they are doing their job perfectly.

Ebina Models is NOT just another "model or babe" site built on purchased content that's laying around in various "content shops", this site is unique and contains a big dose of fully exclusive stuff that you won't find anywhere else. The members area of this site was recently merged with 11 other paysites, or let me say it the other way around ... content from 11 more paysites was added to the members section of Ebina Models. Those were all sites managed by the same team, so obviously, their content was literally corresponding with EbinaModels and keeps the same quality levels. One way or another, this "fusion" raised the value of this site a lot, adding a ton of quality content to it's already big collection.

Ebina Models focuses entirely on the best looking females of the world, the only criteria for them to feature a model is her looks. Her country of origin, nationality or other characteristics are simply not important. This assures a lot a variety, diversity and makes the site a better place... after all, who wants to look at the same type of women all the time. You'll find a lot of famous models in the mix, many of whom are European, but there is also plenty of babes from the US or some exotic places of our planet. Just to mention a few names I recognized, here they are : Anetta Keys, Brittany Hard, Kyla Cole, Evelyn Lory ... and many others. Hell, they even have 7 picture sets of our cover redhead that we used in design here on pornadept.com :-) So for all of you who mailed me, asking for more of her, join EbinaModels and enjoy their collection of "Jessica" as they call her :-)

Now let's say you picked a model you liked, now you can check out what content they have for her. Usually, it's at least 2 or 3 sets of pictures, but some models have many more. For example, there are 33 picture sets of Anetta Keys available and it's like that with many of their models. Majority of these sets is pretty softcore, focusing on teasing, stripping, posing and some masturbation or soft lesbian scenes. On the other hand, there is a good dose of hardcore material on the site, not as much as softcore, but you'll get some stuff to play with - 140 hardcore action picture sets are waiting for you.

To give you some numbers : as of today, there are 256 exclusive models on the site, accompanied with 45 guest models. So that is over 300 models that posed for more than 2900 different picture sets, totaling over 239 000 images. Quality wise, these pics are excellent - their sizes go anywhere from 1024*768 up to 1400*933. Excellent work from some top quality photographers. For the video freaks, Ebina Models offers a separate section named "Video Files" featuring almost 100 video scenes in WMV format. These scenes are encoded at up to 900 Kbit/s which is good enough, although I'd like to see higher resolution. Still they play nicely even in full screen mode. All videos are downloadable. As with the pics, majority of the videos is softcore, with a few touching the hardcore side a bit, plus some behind the scenes footage being put in the mix.

Ebina Models updates daily, adding 3 picture sets every day. I don't know how often the video section is updated, but I assume they do it occasionally, replacing 1 of the picture updates with some video scene. Navigating the site isn't complicated either, there is a model index, categories list and a handy search function.

Final Verdict

I have to admit Ebina Models surprised me a lot and surprised me in a good way. I came across the site by total accident, never heard of it before and it turned out to be one of the best models sites I have ever reviewed. There are certain areas where it might improve - I'd like to see more hardcore stuff, more video formats and of course more videos - but it's already one hell of a good site. So for anyone who is looking for an exclusive collection featuring some of the best looking models from all around the world being presented in a mostly softcore way, Ebina Models is a very good pick. Gold Medal from me.

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2012-08-02The Best Porn70

Average score on other review sites : 70/100

User Comments

sujan miah
2018 Nov 11, 07:59,

2013 Nov 27, 01:44, ??

2008 Jun 10, 07:11, india
all the ebina models are sexy...........

2008 May 05, 09:46, NYC
the site sucks ass. Its been around for so long and only has about 10 vids that are worth it. Complete waste of money. You could shell out $10 more & get tons extra from handsonhardcore. I'm ashamed for shelling the $ to these pricks (who won't return your mail at all btw)

2007 Apr 03, 17:40, atl
91? did you guys even look at the site before giving it such a nice review? this site is full of low-rez non-exclusive content.

2006 Oct 18, 17:43, around
"Night Owl" what are you talking about?! Their support is excellent and prompt and for change their support act like humans and not robotic answering machines like many other sites.

Night Owl
2006 Sep 10, 12:58, Oz
Do not jpin if you want original movies. Support is poor or non existant.

sexy body
2006 Jun 21, 08:29, LA

2006 May 06, 15:38, russia
Good taste.

2006 Mar 23, 14:31, KY-USA
I have a current membership (March '06) and the site is NOT a ripoff, just overpriced. Having joined rip off sites before, I can tell that there is a big difference. The site has mostly non-exclusive content, but they provide a respectable number of good quality sets and some sets contain more pics than I found on other sites. There are lots of good pic sets, including more than a few of familiar models which are clearly older sets that I have never seen, and I frequent the usual babe sites like ATK, Karup's and Twisty's, all of which are far superior sites. (I found a set of Zoe a.k.a. Madison, a.k.a. Klara that is a good example of this - not an exclusive set, but fine quality scans, more pics in the set and more nasty explicit pics than were available elsewhere. There were also two large sets of surprisingly good screen caps from a couple of new nasty Klara squirt vids, damn good if you're a Klara fan. Of course, Ebina also has the vids in question and the 2 corresponding high res pic sets, but Ebina's wimpy .wmv vids are not as good as the bigger Divx copies I got elsewhere. I will point out that this particular solo babe content rises above "softcore." Maybe we should redefine "hard" and "soft"core.)
I also found several nice explicite solo babe sets of hot unfamiliar models. They are adding good content daily, though mostly not exclusive, mostly not brand new, and pics are hi res but not super hi res. There are hardcore boy-girl sex pics and vids, though not my interest, and thankfully the HC crap didn't dominate the site. The non-nude teen poser crap is also something I ignore. Explicite solo babe pics and vids are my only real interest and that is definately my bias here, since I really haven't looked at the rest.
The main complaint I expected to see here is that the site doesn't zip the pic sets. All the pics, many in sets of 100 - 200+ pics, must be clicked and saved individually. Imagine some poor bastard dl'ing and saving pics one at a time. I would have been pissed if I didn't have a good piece of software to snatch pic sets for me. Using that software, I got good dl speeds. Though I only dl'ed a small fraction of the content available, I'm betting the site admin would not approve and might eventally outlaw such sensible software-aided dl'ing activity.
Conclusion : EbinaModels is a quality site that looks good and has potential, but given the facts that most of the content is non-exclusive and most is less than fresh, and pic sets aren't zipped, and vids are low to medium bitrate .wmv instead of high bitrate Divx , the 91 rating is admittedly a bit high. If SexyBabesTV's fun multi-site package scores a 90 and ATK gets 94, then this site is in the low 80's. A more reasonable price for this site is ~ $20/month, until they improve. Hopefully they will, since the explicite solo babes genre needs more competition.
....and while I'm here....what - no review of Karup's? If ATK is a 94, Karup's is at least a 95. I'd rather fight about that instead of argueing about this yet to mature site!

2006 Feb 14, 23:14, Admin
Reply to "Matt" and all future complainers : 1. Ebina Models is mostly a softcore site, which is mentioned in the review multiple times. 2. I already mentioned in the review that not all of the content is exclusive, so of course you can find some of it on other sites. 3. exclusive content is reffered to pics, not models! The same models can shoot for multiple companies. 4. In some cases, copyright holder first releases a picture set as exclusive, only sells one copy of it, but after some time they start to sell it to anyone. How the hell am I supposed to know this is gonna happen? When I say the content on a site is exclusive, it most likely was at the time of the review 5. NONE, NOT A SINGLE REVIEW on pornadept.com was paid off by a site owner!!! I repeat, we don;t take money to post false reviews. So stop calling me names, if you don't agree with my opinion thats fine, but please respect it. This whole review thingy is pretty subjective, I can't please everyone. Thanks.

2006 Feb 13, 18:08, NJ
This is absolutely NOT a quality site and not worth the money. As previous posting said, some models can be found on other free sites and many models aren't even shown nude. Plus the videos seem very amatuerish with little editing done - models are giggling nervously and don't look comfortable.

I don't know how the hell this site got a review of 91 out of 100 other than for me to think that this site was paid off to write a favorable review and the Matuloo asshole calling this a "top notch site" has got to be smoking some heavy shit.

2006 Jan 04, 12:37, Admin
Reply to Stozz : it tells you nothing, except for that I misread what you wrote :) Like I said, when I wrote the review, there was a ton of exclusive stuff. But you never know, what the content provider will do next. One way or another, Ebinamodels was and still is a top notch site.

2006 Jan 04, 11:14, US
The same pics have shown up Twistys, GlamourModelsGoneBad, and other sites that specialize in the non-exclusive, so pal, you are in a corner now. BTW, implying that I said that the "models" were not exclusive (read what I said; I didn't) kinda tells us something.

2006 Jan 03, 01:13, Admin
Reply to "Stozz" - Dunno how you came to the conclusion that EbinaModels is non-exclusive in the most part. When I wrote the review, the stuff was exclusive, of course not the models (they pose for whomever they want) but the pics and videos have been.

2006 Jan 02, 16:33, US
We are instructed here not to post bullshit. Well, most of the content on Ebinamodels is NOT exclusive, as the review above would have you believe! I actually took the review at it's word and got burned! So THANKS for THAT! And try following your own instructions sometime!

2005 Nov 15, 03:34, guahati
the site is really sexy

Give it to Bill
2005 Oct 21, 13:45, TX
The content is weak and stale. The site also contains a large amount of non-nude. Its not worth the expense.

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